EnergAire Ionizer removes viruses, bacteria, smoke, pollen and pollution.

Purify the air you breathe without noisy fans or costly filters with the EnergAire Ionizer

Powerful Ionizer removes:

  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Smoke
  • Pollen
  • Dust
  • Animal Dander
  • Auto Exhaust
  • Industrial Pollution

Remove Viruses, Bacteria, Smoke, Pollen and Pollution

The EnergAire Ionizer effectively removes Viruses, Bacteria, Smoke, Pollen and Pollution from the air. Its powerful ionizer continuously purifies up to 4,000 cubic feet of air (a large room) and makes it breathable and invigorating again. EnergAire Ionizer – Air Purifier restores the natural ion balance to unhealthy environments caused by pollution.

EnergAire was rated “Number One” for speed of removal of cigarette smoke by the leading U.S. consumer protection magazine!

Remove microscopic pollution particles not removed by any other method of air purification as small as .001 micron including viruses, bacteria, smoke, dust, pollen, animal dander, pollution from auto exhaust, heating and air conditioning units. It has no noisy fan, no costly filters to replace or clean and requires no maintenance.

Enjoy the Benefits of
Clean Air Anywhere Indoors…

Now with the EnergAire Ionizer’s revolutionary Air Purification System you can enjoy the benefits of clean air anywhere indoors. EnergAire uses an advanced method of air purification to quickly and quietly purify the air you breathe. It is the fastest method of air purification available today. What’s more you can enjoy these benefits in the comfort of your own home, at your job, or wherever you like.

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