What RODAR II users say about…


“We already bought one for our home in NH. ¬†We were so impressed with the fast results. ¬†The house was full of mice. ¬†We installed the RODAR and when we went up three weeks later there isn’t a trace of mice.”

“We (and many other apartments) complained of mice for over a year. ¬†We tried the poison, but they died in the apartment and more appeared a few weeks later. ¬†We tried traps which also worked for a while – but more mice returned. ¬†We purchased your unit which we thought would keep the mice out of our apartment (which it has). ¬†Other tenants are still complaining.”

“Other years we had mice in garage and they would follow pipes to basement. ¬†This year no sign of mice.”


“We had squirrels up in the attic. ¬†They were making a mess. ¬†Two days after installing the RODAR they are¬†gone. ¬†Thank you.”

Red Squirrels

“The red squirrels were making a mess – since putting the unit to work I haven’t seen any mess and the D-Con hasn’t been eaten…”


“At first I placed the unit in the middle of the attic pointing towards the floor. ¬†This did not seem to work. ¬†Then I placed the unit closer to the area where I thought the bats were entering the attic and pointed the unit up towards that area. ¬†That worked.”

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