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Job Title:
Electronic Manufacturing Technician

To assist in the assembly of PCB and Electromechanical Assemblies.

Electronic Manufacturing Technicians are responsible for the timely completion of PCB Assemblies: This responsibility is shared with other members of the department. Primary duties are to solder Through Hole PCB Assemblies using a Wave Solder Machine. Other duties will include washing PCBs using an aqueous cleaning system, trimming component leads, depaneling waved PCBs and mechanical assemblies.

Roles and Relationships:
Electronic Manufacturing Technicians will work closely with the General Manager, and are held accountable to the general directions of the company officers. They are expected to interact with supervisors and employees of other departments. Electronic Manufacturing Technicians will work in an apprenticeship role with the General Manager for the first few months, and then work towards a more independent role.

This position is 40 hours per week, paid on an hourly basis.

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Micron Corporation is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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