Breathe Air Free of Smoke, Pollen, and Pollution.

Discover How the Air You Breathe Affects Your Health…

We breathe over 2,500 gallons of air a day. That means that the average person inhales and exhales about 20,000 times a day. Is it little wonder that the air we breathe has such a serious affect on our health and mental outlook?

We all know the importance of eating right, but do we ever stop to think about the importance of the air we breathe?

Scientific evidence shows that we need to worry about the quality of the air indoors as well as outdoors. Considering that we spend most of our time indoors, especially during the winter months, don’t you want to breathe clean air, free of smoke, pollen, and pollution?

Enjoy the Benefits of Clean Air Anywhere Indoors…

Now with EnergAire’s revolutionary Air Purification System you can enjoy the benefits of clean air anywhere indoors. EnergAire uses an advanced method of air purification to quickly and quietly purify the air you breathe. It is the fastest method of air purification available today. What’s more you can enjoy these benefits in the comfort of your own home, at your job, or wherever you like. The EnergAire is so compact and portable (it’s only 9″ high) it can be taken almost anywhere you like.

Clean The Air You Breathe Without Noisy Fans or Costly Filters…

The EnergAire Air Purifier cleans the air you breathe without noisy fans or costly filters that need to be replaced or wiped clean. Other air purification systems cost hundreds of dollars and require constant maintenance, but now you can powerfully purify the air you breathe at a fraction of the cost. Better yet, with absolutely no maintenance

As soon as the EnergAire Air Purifier is plugged in, it immediately begins to clean the air in every direction. The EnergAire can effectively purify a large room up to 4,000 cubic feet (ft3).

Nature’s Process of Effectively Cleaning the Air Using Negative Ions . . .

Have you ever noticed that before a lightning storm the atmosphere is heavy and oppressive? Then, after the storm clears, the air is fresh and invigorating. This happens because the lightning creates a high negative electric charge, that forms negative ions which effectively clean the air of pollution particles.

Another natural process that effectively cleans the air of pollution using negative ions is the action of air and water rubbing together. You’ll notice that around a waterfall the air is sparkling, fresh and invigorating. The same kind of thing happens when you are in the shower (the concentration of negative ions makes you feel good).

An open fire also generates a high concentration of negative ions that effectively purify the air.

These are just some of nature’s processes that purify the air we breathe.

Very much like nature the EnergAire Air Purifier uses negative ions to effectively purify the air you breathe. It continuously cleans and effectively purifies smoke-laden, polluted air and makes it breathable, fresh and invigorating again.

Today There Is No Escaping Pollution It Is Everywhere…

We breathe polluted air every day and all day long. We breathe over 2,500 gallons of polluted air a day, inhaling and exhaling over 20,000 times a day.

Our industrial society, factories, manufacturing facilities, automobile exhaust, cigarette, cigar and pipe smoke all contribute to the polluting of the atmosphere we live and breathe in.

Modern buildings, many with sealed windows that don’t open, depend on central air conditioning and heating systems for their air supply. These systems destroy the natural ion balance of negative and positive ions in the air by stripping out the beneficial negative ions.

At times nature adds pollen, animal fur, and dust, making life miserable for many people who suffer from allergies.

All of these contribute to pollution in our lungs, and the result can be serious illness and intense discomfort.

Remove Particles Too Small for Other Methods of Air Purification with the EnergAire Air Purifier.

EnergAire Purifies the Air Like Lightning…

The EnergAire Air Purifier applies a very high voltage to it’s fine alloy emitter (somewhat like lightning does) causing a corona discharge; electrons are forced from the tip and stream out into the atmosphere. These electrons strike molecules of oxygen, nitrogen, and other gases. The electron’s negative charge ionizes the gas negatively. Particles of pollution attract the negative ions which give them a negative electric charge. This negative charge makes pollution particles seek an electrical “ground,” which usually means that the pollution particles collect as dust and fall harmlessly to the floor.

EnergAire can continuously clean and effectively purify up to 4,000 cubic feet (a large room) of smoke-laden, polluted air and make it breathable, fresh and invigorating again.

How the EnergAire Air Purifier Works…

The EnergAire Air Purifier simply plugs into any standard wall outlet (a 220 volt model is available for use outside the US).

Once the unit is plugged in, the red pilot light (LED) on the front of the unit will light up to indicate it is working properly. Immediately the EnergAire will begin to produce trillions of beneficial negative ions every second. These ions disperse in all directions from the emitter on the top of the unit. Their concentration is strong enough to effectively purify the air as far as twelve feet in every direction from the unit (sometimes further).

The EnergAire ® can be placed on a table or desk, on the floor, or anywhere convenient. The closer the unit is to you the greater the concentration of ions and the greater the purifying action.

EnergAire was rated #1 in speed of removal of cigarette smoke by the leading consumer protection magazine.

  • No Costly Filters to Replace
  • No Noisy Fan
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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