Mycronic MY300 SX-15 and Mycronic MY200 LX-14

Mycronic is a high-tech company based in Sweden that roots back to the early 1970s.  The MY300 and MY200 series are the latest versions of placement machines available from Mycronic.

Both the Mycronic MY300 and MY200 series of placement machines provide high resolution vision systems combined with high speed placement to ensure high levels of placement accuracy and repeatability. With 4K resolution down to 0.15 mm fine pitch the MY300 SX-15 and MY200 LX-14 have nearly doubled our capacity.

Mycronic MY300 SX Pick-and-Place Machine
MY300 SX


Vision systems are key components of any machine that places components.  The Mycronic MY300 series machine includes a vision system with 4K resolution.  These 4K Linescan vision systems are able to resolve pitches of 0.1 (mm) and lead widths of 0.05 (mm) on leaded components.  For bumped components it can resolve pitches of 0.15 (mm) and bump diameters of 0.08 (mm).  4K resolution allows for placement of 01005 chip components using high speed mount heads.

Mycronic 200 LX Pick-and-Place Machine
MY200 LX


Both MY300 and MY200 have rated placement speeds up to 24,000 CPH (Components Per Hour) using the HYDRA Z8 high speed mounthead.  


Chip accuracy of 3σ for X=50 (µm), Y=75 (µm) and 2.6˚.  Fine pitch accuracy @ Cpk =1.33 for X and Y = 35 (µm), and 0.09˚


Chip repeatability of 3σ for X = 30 (µm) and Y = 45 (µm) both within 1.8˚. Fine pitch repeatability @ Cpk = 1.33 for X and Y = 21 (µm) within 0.05˚

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