SpeedPrint SP710

SpeedPrint has been winning awards for their printers and their service since 2011, from the likes of Circuit Assembly, Apex USA, and Global SMT Productronica.   Our SpeedPrint SP710 gives us the ability to print paste onto the smallest of pads accurately, precisely, and repeatably utilizing a wide variety of stencil aperture geometries and solder paste formulations.


Aligning the PCB to the stencil is paramount to the printing process, and the SP710 has twin roving cameras with a “look down – look down” vision system that allows for alignment based on a variety of PCB, panel, and stencil features. 


The capability to use any mix of fiducials, pads, and apertures to align the stencil to the PCB improves the accuracy, precision, and repeatability of each and every print.

The SP710 uses linear encoders to accurately position PCBs under the stencil with a resolution of one µm.  This allows for excellent repeatability which can be witnessed by printing the same board over and over again (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lzsCN9Q-Zw).

The system has 20 µm repeatability at 6 sigma for Cp = 2.0.


Paste inspection is also available on the SP710 using a 2D vision system. Percent coverage of paste on pad can be calculated for any pad, and bridging can be detected in any areas specified.

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