Lead Free, RoHS Compliance and REACH Requirements

Micron Corp provides a complete solution for Lead Free, RoHS Compliance and REACH Requirements in Electronic Manufacturing. 

Since 2006 when Lead Free became an issue in Electronic Manufacturing for the European market, Micron has been out in front working with our customers and suppliers to ensure compliance on all levels.

Our staff understands compliance and implements it in every relevant area of the manufacturing process.

From Lead Free components to compliant solder paste we will work with you on every aspect of your project ensuring compliance with the¬†European Union’s RoHS2 Directive (view the full directive here: European Parliament Directive 2011/65/EU).

When required we work with our suppliers to ensure that all parts and solder are Lead Free. Our manufacturing process ensures the proper identification, inspection and handling of Lead Free materials and components.

Micron is aware of and supports the European Union’s REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals) Regulation (EC No 1907/206) and can implement compliance with REACH requirements when necessary.

See below for some useful industry links.


www.digikey.com¬†– Digi-Key is an industry leader in the distribution of quality, electronic components. Digi-Key’s Resource Page on Environmental Initiatives includes their RoHS and REACH Statements as well as useful links to Lead Free resources.

www.newark.com¬†– Understand the European directives, get FAQ’s answered and find RoHS certificates from suppliers at Newark element14.

www.ipc.org¬†– Find out about the REACH Regulation on IPC’s website and download their guidebook.

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