Micron Upgrades SMT Lines

Over the past eighteen months, Micron has made a complete upgrade of our SMT Assembly Lines. With the installation of a new 7 zone Heller Reflow Oven we have completed the upgrade of our SMT Lines with a Stencil Printer, two Pick and Place Machines, an Oven, and an AOI.

Five Reasons We Build it Better

There are five pieces of equipment that provide a good reason to consider Micron Corporation for your Electronic Manufacturing needs now and throughout the coming year. These five reasons are built upon our commitment to deliver the highest quality product possible and provide a level of communication customized for each customer. Our commitment to quality has been forged over 37 years of having managed the opportunities and risks that have always been part of electronic contract manufacturing.

Printing Paste

SpeedPrint SP710 Stencil Printer

SpeedPrint SP710

The SpeedPrint SP710 gives our assembly technicians the ability to print paste onto the smallest of pads accurately, precisely, and repeatably. Aligning the PCB to the stencil is paramount to the printing process, and twin roving cameras provide a “look down – look down” vision system that allows for alignments based on a variety of PCB, panel, and stencil features. READ MORE

Placing Parts

MY300 SX-15 Pick and Place Machine

Mycronic 300 SX-15 and Mycronic 200 LX-14

The MY300 and MY200 series are the latest versions of placement machines available from Mycronic.  They provide high resolution vision systems combined with high speed placement to ensure high levels of placement accuracy and repeatability. With 4K resolution down to 0.15 mm fine pitch the MY300 SX-15 and MY200 LX-14 have nearly doubled our capacity. READ MORE

Profiling PCBA

Heller 1707 MKIII Reflow Oven

Heller 1707 MKIII

Heller Industries has been pushing the envelope in oven technology for over 30 years, and we’ve been using their products for over 20.  Micron’s latest Heller installation is the 1707 MKIII.  The 1707 provides all of the latest technology including process control, conveyor system, heating modules, and cooling module. READ MORE

Proof of Product

Mirtec MV-6 Omni Optical Inspection

Mirtec MV-6 Omni

The MV-6 by Mirtec allows for inspection of the presence or absence of 01005 components and uses 3D Moire technology to determine the acceptability of solder joints. Projectors point in all four directions, “north, south, east, and west”, and combine with eight phase color lighting, as well as precision telecentric compound lens designs to provide a pixel resolution of 15 microns. READ MORE

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