Mirtec MV-6 Omni

Mirtec has been winning awards for many years for their optical inspection equipment. The Mirtec MV-6 Omni allows our quality technicians to effectively inspect PCB Assemblies in record time.


The MV-6 combines 15 mega pixel CoaXPress camera technology with a precision telecentric compound lense system to provide 10 µm pixel resolution. When combined these technologies can detect the presence or absence of 01005 components.  Projectors pointing in four directions record overlapping 3D shaded Moire lines and combine with an eight phase color lighting system to determine height of surface features, shapes of component bodies, slope acceptability of solder joints.


A host of inspection algorithms are available with the MV-6.  We use these inspector routines to determine many aspects of each component placed on an assembly including body dimensions, solder fillet volumes with slopes, alpha-numeric markings, rectangular angles, background and band colors, coplanarity, and angular alignment.  LED inspection with the Back Light Unit (BLU) inspector is a special feature of the MV-6 that gathers highly precise information for the inspection of proper placement of LEDs .

Mirtec MV-6 Omni with 3D Optical Inspection

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